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We are a 3D printing company specializing in Rize™ technology.

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For customers in manufacturing, who require small batch, high complexity parts, delivered quickly; Azoth will
handle your additive manufacturing needs. Different from job shops and rapid prototyping companies, Azoth is
in the unique position of already having personnel on site at your facility. Staff from the EWIE Group of Companies
(EGC) have the benefit of existing relationships with your engineering community, understanding your needs,
and can quickly generate a solution for you.

Service Summary

Azoth, is the newest brand of the EGC. Powered by Rize3D, a leading expert in the additive manufacturing
(AM) space, Azoth plans to introduce the Additive Indirect Services Crib. The goal is to transform
manufacturing supply chains from an order-on-demand to a make-on-demand model. EGC's success has
come from driving the implementation of new technologies in commodities like cutting tools, chemicals,
and gaging. Year over year the EGC has added new customers and services to its portfolio. Channeling this
growth, Azoth is the next step in guaranteeing customers, both existing and new, gain access to the most
advanced manufacturing technologies.
Some components that Azoth is focused on include: